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CPR ~ First Aid ~ AED Training 

Founded by Megan Bell in January 2007, HeartMindSoul, LLC specializes in
             American Heart Association (AHA) and American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)               
certification courses for individuals, families, groups and corporate training programs.    

 As a BLS Instructor certified by both the AHA and ASHI, 
Megan brings more than two decades of professional training experience 
to the clients she represents.  Her portfolio includes Fortune 500 companies 
such as AT&T, Dow Jones, Inc., Delta Air Lines and Franklin Covey. 

 Throughout her career Megan has had the pleasure of living throughout the 
United States and traveling throughout the world, including time she spent living 
in Latin America.  This vast experience has provided her numerous opportunities 
to expand her knowledge, expertise and skill set. 

She recognizes professional training is her forte and desires to use this skill to provide 
insightful, energetic, interesting, meaningful, life-changing and even life-saving 
training programs that are never dull and always impactful.

Both private and group classes are available.  
Please call, text, or email for class schedule and availability.


Saving lives one heart at a time.

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